Turtles: Rescue and Rehoming News

June 2010 - Turtle adoptions are a-go-go
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June 2010 - Donna and the turtles appear on TV3 News
This is a segment about thefts of valuable pets from shops and homes.

May 2010 - 6 Turtles are needing ongoing vet treatment
Several of the new arrivals have significant injuries due to fighting with tank 'mates'. 3 others have pneumonia requiring ongoing antibiotics and x-rays. The expense of doing this is mounting and any donations to help out would be greatfully accepted. See the main page for donation information.

April 2010 - Update on Shellie's sore leg:
Shellie (who appears in the Breakfast video) had a vet visit on 18th March and was prescribed anti-inflammatory drops. Unfortunately there was no significant improvement and Shellie had a blood test and X.rays of her front, left leg on April 8th.  We were worried she may have gout which had recently contributed to 25 yr old Yertles death. Blood tests showed no gout! Yay! But X.ray showed she has degenerative arthritis in her left, front shoulder joint. Shellie is happy to be back in her outside pond and long-term anti-inflammatories are not considered an option for her at this stage. Shellie will keep excercising her shoulder when she swims and Donna will observe her closely for any signs of increased pain, decreased mobility or general lethargy and being off her food.

April 2010 - Donna and the turtles appear on TVNZ's Breakfast
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February 2010 - Donna and the turtles appear in The Press
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