Donna has some turtles that are in great health and need new homes. Any prospective new owners will be given advice and support on setting up the best environment for their new turtle and it's on-going care. Turtles are solitary, territorial creatures and need their own individual tank, with no 'friends' to fight with. If you have any problems with the turtle or find you are no longer able to care for it, we ask that you return it to Turtles: Rescue and Rehoming.

Most of the turtles available for adoption are males. Female turtles grow to larger sizes and love to be able to dig, therefore ideally require a pond to live in. If you have or are wanting to set up a pond, please contact Donna and she will advise you of any females who'd love to come live in it.


URGENT - There are currently dozens of earthquake refugee turtles needing permanent or temporary homes. Please contact Donna if you are in a position to help. 


Please note, turtles will only be adopted out to suitable homes with at least 4ft tanks (or ponds) and proper heating, lighting etc. If you'd like advice on how to best care for turtles, please don't hesitate to ask.

Contact Donna Moot

Ring/Text message: 021 202 0185

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